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Our team of skilled dentists and nurses maintain the highest standards of quality, care and hygiene for your peace of mind.

Direct Fillings

Silver Amalgam fillings are a thing of the past. Our dentists use high quality, tooth coloured materials for composite fillings. When you come in for your dental visit, your Dentist will have a chat to you about your treatment plan and what you can expect from your visit. Once you are happy to proceed with the treatment, the restoration will be directly bonded to your natural tooth.

A simple filling may take 30 minutes to complete. If time permits, multiple fillings can be done in one sitting.We also have x-ray units and scanners on site for a seamless experience.

Indirect Fillings

Direct Composite fillings have evolved over the years and the aesthetic quality has improved. A Plus Dental also offer Indirect Ceramic fillings that are the future of dentistry. They are up to 8x stronger than Direct fillings. Indirect Fillings also reduce the vulnerability of remaining tooth structure and even have a higher success rate. They are lab made and have a reduced potential for re-decay.

Ask your dentist about an Indirect Filling and protect your teeth, and wallet for the future. Enquire here.