Straighter Teeth by A Plus Dental

When is the last time you thought of straightening your smile?

Well, its never too late. We do orthodontics for all ages. If you have ever wanted to align your teeth, stop putting it off and enquire today. Children start as young as 3 years old to avoid complex treatments in the future. This is call Interceptive Orthodontics.

Our clinics in Forest Hill and Chelsea Heights offer orthodontics treatments at an affordable rate. We offer free dental checkups for children.

Clear Alingers/Invisalign

We offer various clear aligner and brace free solutions for your cosmetic needs. From 3-36 months, we will find a solution that works for you. We offer Invisalign, Clear Correct, Air Nivol and more. Orthodontics that fit your life.


Conventional braces are not as they used to be. The technology used has changed dramatically over the years and what used to take years, now can take mere months!

We offer metal, white and clear braces. Programs include PowerProx and Fast Braces.


In addition to the more popular options of braces and clear aligners, we also offer Inman Aligners. They are non-bulky, more affordable, removable appliances that can align your front teeth, fast. Most cases are completed within 18 weeks!

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