The types of dentures

So it is time to talk about replacing missing teeth. Removable Dentures are the most well known form of tooth replacement. They can be made as a partial denture, or a full denture.  A complete denture replaces an entire arch. A partial denture is where as little as one tooth is being replaced. Dentures can also be made from 3 different materials. Acrylic, Chrome Cobalt and Valplast.

Acrylic Dentures

The most affordable material that a denture can be made from is Acrylic. It is worn over the gums and is held in place by a suction fit and clasps. There are various advantages of opting for the Acrylic denture including its ease of fit and adjustability. This material however can damage the natural teeth around which the denture is fit.

Acrylic dentures are a good option in the event that you intend to add teeth to the denture in the future. They look natural with their pinkish gum like colour and colour matched false teeth. The downside of these dentures is that they are bulkier as they rely on suction for adhesion.

Your dentist will need to ensure that your gum health is optimal for a denture, and your treatment should be planned with this in mind. When other teeth also require restorative treatment, this must be considered to ensure that the denture is done at the right stage of your treatment plan. The last thing you want is for your denture to become ill fitting as a result of poor planning.

Valplast Dentures

A superior alternative to the traditional type of Acrylic denture is the flexible Valplast denture. This type of denture also relies on suction to a certain extent, although mainly relies on it elastic properties and its fit between the remaining teeth. This material is less bulky and maintains strength even in its thinnest areas. They are also significantly lighter than the other materials.

As with any type of denture, it is imperative that your dentist has assessed your overall oral health to ensure that your denture is planned around any other treatment that may be required, in the present or the future. The disadvantage of this type of denture is that you cannot add teeth to it in the future due to the way in which it is manufactured.

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

This is the least bulky of the materials. Chrome Cobalt dentures are more versatile and are often the most durable. The false teeth are created and attached to a Chrome Cobalt framework. The technicians and the dentists require great skills to manufacture this denture due to its intricacies. Your dentist will assess the health and stability of the anchor teeth prior to considering this type of denture as it is the intention that your denture will last you up to 10 years. Other important aspects of assessment include your gum health and pending treatment that may be required for any of your remaining teeth.


Dentures are a more affordable reliable and fast option for tooth replacement. Both your dentist and their carefully selected lab technicians are critical components of ensuring the right solution is chosen for your case and that its fit is optimal. It is important however that you have asked about your options apart from dentures to ensure that both your comfort and satisfaction are achieved.

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