Will my child need braces?

Firstly, what is orthodontics? Orthodontics is the study and treatment of irregularities in teeth and jaws. This involves high level assessments and management strategies that involve the application of physics associated with moving teeth in a 3 dimensional level and the growth of the jaw.

Interceptive orthodontics can be confused with being a preventative form of orthodontics. It is only suitable for children aged between approximately 3 and 13 years old. It is used as a means of preventing further foreseeable alignment and bone growth issues. In some cases where interceptive orthodontics has been recommended but was not completed, complex surgical corrective procedures may be prescribed late in life. It is more economical, comfortable and simpler to proceed with interceptive orthodontics than it is to wait and manage the mature bone and adult teeth, later.

If you are concerned about the development of your child’s jaws and teeth, it is recommended that you contact us as early as possible for an assessment.

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